Preorder Fringe Grizzlys Adult & Babe

Preorder Fringe Grizzlys Adult & Babe

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These boots are 100% genuine shimmer leather!! These are scheduled to ship to customers about 8 weeks from when the preorder ends, which is 8-8-20.

Glitter is not 100% genuine leather. Glitter does shed, and some glitter will come off, which is not a defect in the shoe and is normal. Hard wear and tear and play will also make the glitter come off, which is normal with any type of glitter. In the event of glitter actually shedding, or coming off a lot without being worn please reach out to us.

Colors of shoes can vary in different lighting due lighting and different cuts of the materials and is not a defect in the shoe. Please note that phone screens do alter the photo colors and is not considered a defect in the shoe.

We suggest measuring your babe's foot while standing, and adding between 1/4-1/2 to their measurement and then comparing to our sizing chart. We suggest sizing up in our boots for longer wear and enough wiggle room with socks!

2 soft sole- 4.33 inches

3 soft sole- 4.64 inches

4 hard sole- 4.96 inches

5 hard sole- 5.27 inches

6 hard sole- 5.59 inches

7 hard sole- 5.90 inches

8 hard sole- 6.22 inches

9 hard sole- 6.53 inches

10 hard sole- 6.85 inches

11 hard sole- 7.16 inches

12 hard sole- 7.48 inches

13 hard sole- 7.79 inches

Big Kid 1- 8.10 inches

Big Kid 2- 8.40 inches


37- 9.31 inches

38- 9.57 inches

39- 9.88 inches

40- 10.21 inches

41- 10.55 inches

42- 10.98 inches