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Are you an influencer looking for a chance to collaborate? Contact us today to see if we have opportunities available. Please include you Instagram and/or TikTok information in your email, as we do check your account to see if we’d be a good fit!

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A Little About A Bear Co.

A Bear Co. LLC., is owned by Nikki and Linda Hebert. A mother and daughter in law duo. A Bear Co. is a play on words to our last name, Hebert, said like A Bear. ABC was born January 1st, 2020! We pride ourselves in customer service, FAST SHIPPING, and having unique and fun products for babes and adults. We want to thank you so much for supporting us in helping make our dreams come true!  

We now have all of our titles with RTS, OTW, and IP. All titles will show the ETA shipping time for that item. We do suggest ordering RTS seperate from the others. We do hold all orders until everything is in!

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